Isiah Waters

The day my son was diagnosed with leukemia seemed to be the worst day of my life. I did not understanding what was going on or who I would turn to. After meeting with doctors and receiving the news we had prayed for Isiah was cancer free. I thought things would go back to normal, but realizing I needed to be at home and take care of my child. I decided to pick up the literature that was handed to me on the imagine me foundation.  After making that choice Mindy Lawyer made sure that she kept in contact to see how chemo is going or just my day in general. I have always kind of kept to myself not wanting people to know how I was feeling or what was going on deep inside. Through the imagine me foundation I have found hope and strength. At the honorary dinner we didn't know that we would be honored with such a large monetary gift because we weren't expecting anything. I had been praying for a way to get my children the things they needed for school, I don't have to worry about that anymore . I now know that I'm not alone and there are people who care what I'm going through because they have gone through the same and understand how hard it is in time of need to ask for help and for that I'm forever thankful. Imagine me foundation has been a blessing and I know first hand about the great things they do for people like my family and  others. Tacoma WA 

Isiah Waiters


David Lopez

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer in June 2013, when my wife and I heard those words from the doctor time stood still.  Soon after I had surgery and started chemotherapy treatments.  At times the question "why me" would pop into my head and at times I felt as if I was alone and no one understood what I was going through, I at times didn't understand what I was going through.  Through it I wasn't alone, I had my wife, kids, family and friends.  I've also heard about many cancer foundations and it happen to be that a very good friend of mine wife runs a foundation by the name of "Imagine Me Foundation".  The foundation reached out to my family and I, to which I was an honoree at one of the charity dinners it host annually.  It was an evening I'll always remember as I was about halfway through my chemotherapy treatments and I was able to meet others who had or were going through similar battles with cancer.  This was definitely a positive process in helping me cope with some my struggles.  I am grateful for such an organization that takes the time to give back to those in need within the local community.  I also look forward to continuing to attend the annual charity dinner to honor those who continue to fight and to hopefully share my story to help inspire those who may be struggling as I once was. David Lopez.... Fairfield CA

Gloria Bryant

My Name is Gloria Bryant,
I had the opportunity last year to be a honoree in the the IMAGINE ME CELEBRATION OF LIFE,I felt like i was queen for a day .I was picked up in a limousine,then let out on a red carpet I was thanking God for blessing me to be apart of this event. I was honored and given a trophy my heart felt so overwhelmed ,I was just so happy to be apart of such a fabulous event with dinner ,music and speakers,everything was just perfect to make me feel so special I thank everyone for their vision to make this happen.God Bless All! Tacoma WA




In 2013 Imagine me foundation honored Flornadette as a cancer survivor at their annual even with several special gifts. She was excited to be in a room full of cancer survivors and their families as well as some of the relatives of those who fought the fight of cancer and left a legacy, Imagine Me is doing a good work in the community and she will support them in any way she can. She was so happy to be honored and want people to know although she refused treatment and choose what was right for her she encourages all cancer patients to do what is right for them to accept the treatment or not is a personal decision for the individual. GOD will lead you. I thank GOD for Imagine Me and the support they show to all cancer patients no matter the type of cancer they have, they support the family and friends of cancer patients and just knowing they are there and they care goes a long way. Fairfield, California.