About Us

Imagine Me Foundation was created to provide support and resources to cancer patients and their families. We focus on building relationships with patients and their families in order to better serve their needs. Services that we offer include accompanying patients to their chemotherapy sessions, making follow-up calls after diagnosis and treatments, sending birthday cards, assisting with housekeeping duties, and cooking and delivering nutritious meals. We also donate funds to cancer patients and their families to alleviate financial hardship. Whether it be assisting with payments for treatments and medications, or providing transportation services, we are here to serve you in your time of need.

Imagine Me Foundation imagines a world without cancer. We are making a significant impact in the community, taking specific interest in providing services and resources for cancer survivors and their families. We are passionate and inspired to acknowledge their accomplishments, their courage, strengths and to honor their lives as cancer survivors. We understand that the fight against cancer can be strenuous, oftentimes lonely. We offer a community of love and understanding and want those who are connected to Imagine Me to know there are organizations that have their best interest at heart. Our goal is to ensure cancer patients and families that they have access to support, resources, and opportunities in their local communities.

Here at the Imagine Me Foundation, we believe that “Without a Vision, Dreams Die.” Our mission is to remain a constant support to patients in every way we possibly can by providing companionship, emotional, and spiritual support. We pride ourselves on assisting with everyday necessities for the survivors and their families. We are in the business of helping change lives from the inside out.


Our Leaders

Melissa Sampson – Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Teresa Rosebud – CAO (Chief Administrative Officer)

Toni Butler – CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Laminda Lawyer- DOO (Director Of Operations) Tacoma WA

Board of Directors

Daphne Henry-Day

Vernessa Hawkins

Rosy Childress

Jacquelyn Middleton

Sweetie Stagata

Maria Hammond

Ricky Santiago

 Regina Donaldson

LaToya Dunn  Stage

 De Andria Evans

Tamora Walls Hughes