About Us

The Beginning

Imagine Me Foundation was founded in 2007 with the mission of building relationships and offering support to cancer patients and their families. The Imagine Me team began accompanying patients to their chemotherapy sessions, making follow-up calls after diagnosis and treatments, sending birthday cards, assisting with housekeeping duties, and cooking and delivering nutritious meals. Imagine Me Foundation also donates funds to cancer patients and their families to alleviate financial hardship. Whether it be assisting with the payment for treatments and medications, or providing transportation services, our team of dedicated individuals is here to help. In 2007, Imagine Me Foundation also began hosting annual celebrations to honor cancer survivors, with special recognition to those battling cancer and a candle light vigil for those we lose to the disease. These events have been hosted in Oklahoma and Northern California. There are future events planned in a number of states over the next few years.

What We Do

The Imagine Me Foundation provides assistance and resources to men, women, and children in the local community affected by various types of cancer. We provide physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial support to families within the community. More than 1 million people in the United States get cancer each year. Whether you have cancer or are close to someone who does, the Imagine Me Foundation knows what to expect and is here to help you through the difficult times.


The motto of Imagine Me Foundation is that, “Without a Vision Dreams Die”. We are in the business of helping change lives from the inside out. Imagine Me Foundation imagines a world without cancer. We are making a significant impact in the community, taking specific interest in providing services and resources for cancer survivors and their families. We are passionate and inspired to acknowledge their accomplishments, their courage, strengths and to honor their lives as cancer survivors. Our mission is to remain a constant support to them in every way we possibly can by providing companionship, emotional, and spiritual support: assisting with everyday necessities for the survivors and their families.[/ezcol_2third_end]

Our Leaders

Melissa Sampson – CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Teresa Rosebud – CAO (Chief Administrative Officer)

Toni Butler – CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Laminda Lawyer- DOO (Director Of Operations) Tacoma WA

Board of Directors

Daphne Henry-Day

Vernessa Hawkins

Rosy Childress

Jacquelyn Middleton

Sweetie Stagata (Cancer Survivor)

Maria Hammond

Ricky Santiago

 Regina Donaldson ~ Play Writer

LaToya Dunn  Stage~ Manager

 De Andria Evans ~Hospitality

Tamora Walls Hughes ~ Advisor/Conusltant

Get Involved

​Volunteer's and Host
Needed  for each city

Imagine Me Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, Which  have been in operation for 7 years now.  Imagine Me Foundation, is in need of volunteers.  We need your help with administrative work, fundraising, campaigning, and event oganizating, and planning, recruiting other volunteers, and  hosting a "CELEBRATION OF LIFE, EVENT" in  your city. 

The goal  and desire of, " Imagine Me Foundation", is to provide an opportunity for all  our cancer Honorees to make them smile more, share tears and celebrate their  lives with them regardless of the battles they are facing. We would like to take some of that pressure and make it a bit easier.IMF continues to make every effort to expand in honoring cancer survivors and helping them in every way as they place expectations of themselves to live purposely. . We will be hosting special events  during the year. We will need your help  any way  you can help, (assistance, donations, etc). With your help, we can connect to resources available that  will help those in need live a more stress free life. Our Honorees  would appreciate and benefit from your help and support as they take a big step toward loving themselves and  living on purpose. If you are able to assist us in making, Imagine Me Foundation, complete its goal, please fill out the purple form.on the right, with  your information.  Feel  free to add more in the message box. If you know someone that can and will  be willing to help...pass this site on to them.  Looking forward to speaking with you. Thanking you in advance for your support and all that you do.

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